FancyHeat Premium Grade Fuels

Longer Burning

FancyHeat gels burn up to 30 minutes longer than other competitor products.

Special Cans

Tired of returned dented cans? What about cans that are rusty and considered major fire hazards? FancyHeat cans are a one-of-a-kind: each can (including the cap) is coated to eliminate rust. All FancyHeat cans are made from high-quality steel to minimize dents. Ask for free samples!

Non-Drip Formula

What is the clear liquid floating on top of the gel? The answer is alcohol, an extremely flammable liquid. If spilled, it’s like trying to put out a gasoline fire. FancyHeat gels were formulated with safety in mind. The gels are thick, and therefore, won’t easily spill or drip.

Cleaner Burning

FancyHeat is a non-nitrocellulose product. There are no nitrous oxide or nitrogen dioxide emissions. All FancyHeat products are made with virgin products.

Multiple Uses

Restaurants, Cooking, Caterers, Vending Carts, Room Service, Camping, and as an Emergency Heating Source.


All FancyHeat products are easy-to-light and have instructions conveniently printed on the top of the can.

Economical Refills

Refills are available in pails.

Direct Purchase

Wholesalers and distributors enjoy buying directly from the manufacturer where inventory is maintained and custom orders can be quickly filled and shipped.

Thinking Safety

FancyHeat strives to be innovators in the industry. With that in mind, FancyHeat is the first company to have each and every can labeled with safety and handling information.

Increase Profits

Increase profit margins by selling FancyHeat. Customers will buy FancyHeat over other products. Why? Because it truly is the best!

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