Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use your fuel to make s’mores?

Yes you can. The only products you should use to make s’mores would be our FancyHeat Ethanol Green F600 and FancyHeat Ethanol Red F900 Gelled Chafing Fuel.

How long do your products burn for?

The FancyHeat Ethanol F600 & F900 and FancyHeat Methanol F800 burns for up to 2.5 hours. The FancyHeat F700 series burns anywhere from 2-6 hours.

How do you light gelled chafing fuel?

Remove cap from chafing fuel and set aside for extinguishing. Make sure chafing fuel is placed in its designated spot prior to lighting. NEVER handle a hot or burning can. Light fuel using a long stemmed handled lighter.

How do I dispose of your fuel?

Let can fuel in can completely burn out. Let can sit for 10+ minutes and cool. Once can is cooled and emptied you can recycle the can. All of our cans are 100% recyclable and made of tin free steel.

How do I store a can of fuel?

Make sure can is cooled and re-capped securely. Store in a secure place at room temperature. Make sure to store the can where it can be kept away from children at all times.

What is the shelf life of your product?

Our products have a 1 year shelf life.

Where can we buy your products from?

As the manufacturer we only sell to distributors and retailers. However, there are a couple options for the general public to buy our products.

  • Contact our corporate office and provide them with your zip code. We can point you to a retailer who may have our products. You can reach our corporate office by phone at (973) 968-3414.